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What type of Farming Does Australian Crop Insurance Cover?

Australian crop insurance covers various plants, perils, and growing methods based on local agricultural processes.

If you are a farmer or a farm manager, you need to understand Australian crop insurance.

In this post, New Wave Insurance, your trusted Gold Coast insurance specialist, shares what you need to know:

How Has Australian Farming Evolved Over the Years?

Australian farming has evolved over the years, and farmers have become more innovative and have adopted new farming practices and technologies.

The farming community has also extended its operations to areas previously not suitable for farming.

The increase in demand for different kinds of food products has also seen farmers grow crops not traditionally grown in Australia.

Challenges Australian Farmers Face

Australian farmers are challenged by the following:

Terrain: Different terrains and growing environments have made it difficult to grow crops in the same way.

Parasites and Pests: The environment has become more conducive to parasites and pests with the expanding growth of crops.

Droughts and Floods: In Australia, the weather can change rapidly and result in droughts or floods.

Weeds: Australian farmers have found themselves at a loss when it comes to feeding their livestock as weeds grow more quickly than the plants they had planted.

The Basics of Australian Crop Insurance

Australian crop insurance is a government-subsidized policy that allows farmers and others to insure a wide range of fruit and vegetables.

The government offers it to protect farmers. This provides farmers with an easy and affordable method of protecting their livelihood.

To be eligible for Australian crop insurance, a farmer must be insured by an authorized insurer and have a written plan approved by the government.

The plan will specify the crops, perils, and growing methods used on the farm.

The crops must be grown on the specified land or area.

How Important Is It to Get Crop Insurance?

Australian crop insurance is a vital part of the agriculture industry in Australia. It provides farmers and other agriculturalists with a certain level of protection against several threats.

It is a way for farmers to manage the risks associated with farming and insure themselves against uncertainties. It helps them protect their investment and ensure that they will be able to continue farming.

It covers perils that can arise from natural disasters, pests, and weeds and also provides protection from droughts and floods.

The need for crop insurance has increased as the agriculture industry has grown and farming has become more complex. While farmers can manage the risks associated with farming, it is still vital for them to have crop insurance as it will help them manage the uncertainty that comes with it.

In most cases, crop insurance will cover around 50% of the insured crop.


Australian crop insurance has been of benefit to both the farming community and the Australian government due to the protection offered to an essential industry in the country.

It is an easy and affordable way for farmers to protect their crops, the land they are growing on, and their livelihood, so make sure to get one from one of the best Gold Coast insurance brokers!

At New Wave Insurance, we understand the importance of crop insurance and will be happy to help you find the right crop insurance policy for your agricultural operation. If you would like to know more about Australian crop insurance, do not hesitate to call us, and our Gold Coast insurance specialists will be happy to help!

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