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What Type of Insurance Should Your Small Business Have?

If you are an entrepreneur, insurance for businesses is necessary. However, don't just go with the first insurance policy you find. It's essential to shop around because your insurance needs can change as your business grows and you require additional coverage.

The critical factors to consider when you're looking for business insurance include:

  • What type of insurance should I buy?

  • Who is my insurance company's parent company?

  • What is the policy's limit on business income or earnings?

  • What is the policy limit on property coverage?

  • Does the policy have a deductible?

  • What is the policy limit on the amount of coverage?

Is Liability Insurance Important to Have?

When you start your business, you'll need to make many decisions about what the company will and will not do. One of the most critical choices is one many business owners do not think about: how you'll handle liability claims.

Business liability insurance protects you and your small business from lawsuits and claims. If someone sues your company for damages, this insurance covers your defence costs and any payment for settlement. You might think this is not worth your while since many companies do not get sued. However, it's crucial to have a policy to protect yourself.

One of the most significant risks to your business is a customer harmed by your products or services. Liability claims can include any of the following, depending on the situation:

  • Injury to a customer

  • Property damage

  • Product malfunction

  • Violation of an environmental regulation

What Other Insurance Does a Small Business Need?

When you're getting started, a good plan is to target your insurance coverage to cover the top risks to your small business. These policies will protect your company and finances, no matter what.

Business Interruption

Business interruption insurance can help you get back on your feet after a disaster. If a natural disaster or another catastrophe damages your property and takes your business offline, this insurance covers the loss of income. However, this policy is not meant to cover a total loss—it only protects the income you'd lose if the business is temporarily closed due to the damage.

Property Insurance

Small business property insurance can help you replace or repair your business property and your personal property, like the computers and tools you use to run the business.

Property insurance can also help you with losses from theft. If someone breaks into your place of business and steals, this coverage can help you replace the lost property. It can also help pay for vandalism and other damages to the building.

Business Income Insurance

If you have a small business, you're likely to work hard to grow your audience and sales. If you have to close your doors for any amount of time, it could be a major setback to the growth of your business.

Business income insurance covers the loss of income if you or a key employee is injured or dies. This type of coverage is optional, but it is a good idea if your business has a lot of debt or you're growing quickly.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance can help you protect yourself from the financial costs of a lawsuit. It is essential if you have a business where you may face many lawsuits, such as a restaurant.


As a business, you should look for insurance to protect all aspects of your company, from your equipment to your finances. The right insurance can cover you and the company, whether small or large business. As you're looking for the right coverage, you should remember that your needs will change over time. It's essential to look at your insurance policies every few years to ensure you're fully protected.

If you're looking for the right insurance for businesses, contact us at New Wave Insurance. We've helped thousands of individuals and entrepreneurs find the right insurance for their circumstances.

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