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What Cleaning Businesses Need to Know about Insurance

Running a cleaning business is messy enough work without having to deal with damages and liabilities. This is why it’s so important to have proper business insurance coverage.

Even if you have impeccable services and a reliable team, it’s better to be prepared in case of any incidents. So, what insurance coverage do you need to know about if you have a cleaning business?

Personal Accident Insurance

If you have full-time cleaners, then it’s best to provide them with personal accident coverage. This ensures that any illnesses and unexpected injuries born out of their duties will be compensated for. It also enables your cleaners to do their work with the comfort of knowing that they will have the necessary support should they be hurt because of an accident during work.

Consider how they may fall from cleaning at high vantages or get sick with exposure to certain chemicals or hazards from a client’s home. Insurance should protect them and even increase employee engagement. As the business owner, you will also benefit from tax savings and better productivity levels.

General Property Insurance

If your cleaning business makes use of any tools and major equipment, then you would do well having general property insurance. It also covers any portable equipment, so it matches perfectly with cleaning essentials.

For starters, this type of insurance will protect you in the event that your assets get stolen. If you have particularly expensive equipment in your inventory, theft may be a real possibility. Even if you aren’t worried about your assets getting stolen, this coverage will also include damage from fire and natural disasters.

Public Liability Insurance

This is arguably one of the most important insurance categories for a cleaning business because of how client-based its operations are. Public liability insurance is meant to cover the costs of any claims filed by clients or any member of the public against your business.

If an individual claims any losses, personal injuries, and damage to property that they pin to your services, you can be protected by this insurance. It’s very helpful in cases where your business is claimed to be negligent. Otherwise, you’ll need to get involved in a legal battle that can be time-consuming and costly.

Cleaning Contractors Insurance

Whether you are doing the cleaning yourself or have employees under you doing the work, you will likely need insurance for the inherent trade risk. This pretty much covers all the categories mentioned previously if you get full coverage. There are different levels you can choose from depending on your budget.

The prices and coverage you will have to consider can be highly dependent on whether you are a sole proprietor conducting business on your own or if you have a business with multiple workers.


Make sure your business and your workers are protected by having the right coverage. Although there are many different types of insurance for businesses, those mentioned above are the most relevant to the cleaning industry. It’s well worth the investment for your peace of mind and safeguarding your operations.

If you’re looking for the right insurance for your assets and operations, then reach out to New Wave Insurance. We offer cleaning business insurance on the Gold Coast, along with other industries. Contact us for a quote today!

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