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Here Is Why Event Organisers Need to Get Events Insurance

If you are from the events industry, you most likely suffered from a significant loss brought by the pandemic. Since it was not safe to hold large events in the past years, the below-the-line industry was greatly affected by it. Fortunately, things are getting better at this rate. Policies are being lifted, and the upcoming holiday season is kicking off with multiple events here and there.

Thanks to the continuous improvement of this health situation, people from the events industry are slowly getting back on track. Still, that is not a reason for these professionals to become complacent. If you are from the events industry and you have not yet secured your insurance, it is time for you to consider investing in one.

Insurance could take care of your pressing needs when situations like the pandemic and other emergencies happen again. Here is a good look into what kind of protection events insurance can provide you.

Insurance for the Event Organisers

Protecting Against Property Damage and Accidental Injury

Event organisers do their best to ensure that their event goes smoothly throughout. However, some instances are out of their control. Sometimes, no matter how tight the security is and how careful the staff are, accidents and property damage could occur.

For example, ceiling props can fall and end up hurting the audience. During this out-of-hand situation, the event organiser can still be liable for the event's damages. At the same time, they still need to ensure that the event continues as planned.

An event organiser with insurance does not have to worry about the financial coverage for these circumstances. Their public liability policy could cover them should a third party issue a complaint. This kind of security will help organisers produce their events without being too stressed about the possibilities.

Protection on Employees

Insurance policies do not only prioritise properties. They also make sure that the hardworking people behind the event get the protection they need. When an audience member suffers an injury and blames it on the organisers, insurance can cover the legal proceedings that could occur.

Protection against Cancellation

Cancelling a whole event is another common scenario during the pandemic, and it is most likely to continue so long the virus is a threat to human life. It is heartbreaking how clients ask these hardworking people to stop everything and pack up because no one is coming or because no events are happening in the first place.

Some clients pay a downpayment or half the fee for the whole event preparation, but some organisers are still in charge of producing most of them out of their pockets. The insurance policy is here to cover the consequences brought by the cancellation.

Protection on Equipment

An event would not be possible without equipment, and these items usually travel from one place to another. The great news is that insurance can also cover any damage they experience during the event. That includes theft and loss. Having the policy can help lessen the burden of putting pieces together for an event.


No one likes accidents to happen, but they occur when you least expect them, regardless of how careful you are. There are things you cannot control, so it’s best to stay ready when things do not go as planned. Events insurance can protect your business, all the people working should there be property damaged or someone injured during your event. It could give you the peace of mind you need to focus on ensuring to give your best during the event.

If you’re looking for events insurance on the Gold Coast, New Wave Insurance has you covered. We offer a range of insurance policies to help protect your business. Book a free 15-minute consultation today!

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