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A Basic Start-up Guide for Building a Business in Queensland

You are probably here because you've finally decided to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and start a business. Beyond this, you have chosen Queensland as the location for your newest project.

Starting a business may be fun, but it is never easy for anybody. If you work hard and do things the right way, perhaps it can be one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make in your life. Thus, it is now time to establish this company with a little strategy, solid structure, and passion.

Read on to discover this basic start-up guide for building a business in Queensland.

Organizing the Structure

This is a critical juncture in your organization's history. It can be tough to understand the differences between company formats. If you are unclear, seek advice from an expert, such as your accountant.

There are four major types of business formations in Queensland:

1. Sole Trader

A lone trader structure comprises the proprietor managing the business solely. You are personally liable for your company's debts and losses as a lone proprietor. For this, you will need an Australian Business Number (ABN), business name registration, and trademark registration.

2. Partnership

Earnings are distributed between two or more firm owners in this scenario. The Partnership Act of 1891 defines the roles and responsibilities of the partnership business organization.

If your yearly turnover exceeds $75,000, an ABN, business name, trademark, and limited partnership formation (if you have a silent partner) may be required to form a partnership.

3. Company

If sales surpass $75,000, the corporation must be incorporated under Australian Corporations Law, have an ABN, register a business name, and register for GST. (Cwlth).

4. Trust

This is a legal relationship with a trustee who does business on behalf of others (the beneficiaries). For this, you will need an ABN and a trademark to demonstrate legitimacy.

Examining the Business Strategy

A business plan provides a realistic picture of the numerous areas of your organization where you may need to invest more time, money, and resources. It will be easier to make the following business plan decisions once you have decided on a business structure.

Conducting Market Research

You must comprehend the market into which you are venturing. Research basics are similar across industries and business systems.

Understand your opponents. Learn about their marketing strategy, products, price, and so on. This will help you differentiate your company.

Recognize your organization's strengths and limitations. Inquire with prospective clients about what they want from your organization and what products and services they require.

Choosing the Right Location

Some businesses may require a physical site, although others may be mobile or run from home.

If you decide to build a physical location, do your homework and become acquainted with the area. You will need to undertake competitive research to establish which businesses operate in the area and the qualities and needs of your clients.

A mobile or home-based business may involve the acquisition of new office supplies, vehicles, equipment, and so on. Include these expenses in your company's budget.

Queensland Business Licenses and Registrations

Some Queensland businesses may require specific licenses and registrations to operate. For more information, contact the governing body of your industry.

Even if you are protected in another Australian state or territory, your license or registration may not be valid in Queensland.

Seeking Subventions

Financial backing is essential in the early stages of a company. Small businesses in Queensland can apply for subsidies and assistance programs. But first, determine your eligibility.

Securing Your Small Business

Another consideration when starting a small business is insurance. There are various types of insurance, such as Public Liability insurance, Professional Indemnity insurance, Business Insurance, and Cyber Liability insurance. Selecting the right one for your business is critical.


Building a business is one thing, but building a business in Queensland is another. With that said, take into account all the information you got from this basic start-up guide. Simply follow these steps carefully and seek professional advice to ensure the successful beginning of your new business project.

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