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Our Guide to Making Your Business Holiday-Ready

We're slowly entering the holiday season, and while gifts and cheer are definitely at the top of our list, we shouldn't forget to prepare our business for the holiday season, too.

While the holidays are meant to be fun and provide you with that much-needed break you need, your business may still experience some unfortunate events during this season, such as weather-related damage and theft. Because of this, it's worth being prepared and getting your business ready if these things happen.

For this reason, business owners get business insurance to ensure their business and property is protected. Having this allows them to rest easy, knowing that their business will be covered if anything arises.

If you're gearing up for the holidays and curious about what measures you should take to ensure that your business is protected throughout the whole season, keep reading.

Protecting Your Business from Theft and Vandalism

Since businesses are closed and properties will be left alone for the holidays, there's no doubt that there will be an increase in theft during this time. This is because some retailers may have ramped up their stuff and may have a surplus of items hidden in their backroom, which prompts thieves to go ahead and steal them.

For this reason, it's worth spending time to evaluate your security measures and protect your premises from stock theft. You can do this by keeping your premises tidy, getting rid of waste material, and adding lighting and security features.

To up your security, it's best to have lighting fixtures installed inside and outside the premises. And if you have enough budget, consider installing timers and motion-sensitive lights to ward off thieves and criminals.

Protecting Your Business from Weather and Water Damage

While the holiday season may be full of cheer, it can also be a time of harsh weather conditions. Although it's summertime during this time of the year, climate change is going wild, and you may experience some severe rains. Besides that, you may also experience some plumbing issues and water damage that could affect your property.

To help prevent your business from sustaining these damages, it's always a good idea to have your space inspected and conduct the necessary repairs and replacements before you go on a break.

Check Your Business Insurance

Before you go on your holiday break and close up your business, it's worth checking your business insurance coverage again and making the necessary adjustments to ensure you're protected during the holiday season.

Besides that, it's worth considering your Business Interruption as well so that you're protected in an event where it would be impossible to trade. With that in mind, other than thinking about regular business operations, think about what you'll need during the holiday season, such as weather and water damage, an increase in stocks, and more. With that, you'll get to figure out a business insurance policy that will work for you.

Here are the top business claims that happen during the holidays:

  • Storm

  • Theft or burglary

  • Accidental loss or damage

  • Fusion, breakdown, or power surge

  • Water Damage

The Bottom Line: Keep Your Business Protected During the Holidays

Although rest and relaxation may be the first on your list, it's worth spending time evaluating your business's security. Seeing as theft and damage is on the rise during the holidays, it's worth checking your business insurance again to ensure that you're protected during this season.

How Can We Help You?

The holidays are fast approaching, and it only makes sense that you take the right steps to ensure your business is well protected. And the best way to do that is by getting business insurance.

New Wave Insurance helps you find an insurance policy that fits your needs. From assets to your business, down to your vehicles—we've got you covered. Learn more about how we can help you today!

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