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Why Insurance Coverage is a Must-Have For Event Planners

What would it mean for your business if someone was injured at your event, you had to cancel at the last minute, or damaged your equipment?

Insurance protects you when things go wrong, so you don't have to worry about unforeseen costs. When the weather unexpectedly changes from bright sky to booming rain, it's like having an umbrella with you.

What Insurance Policies Do Event Planners Need?

Almost every event should have some type of insurance; each event with people involves some kind of risk. Public liability and employers' liability are the most fundamental types.

Public liability is essential to cover any physical damage that could be caused to an event space, equipment or even the attendees. It will cover any legal costs that might be incurred if the venue or an attendee is injured or their property is damaged.

Employers' liability is for the workers you engage at your event, from performers and DJs to catering staff to your own staff. This protects you from any legal action that might be taken if someone is injured at your event, be it a member of staff or an attendee.

How Much Does Event Insurance Cost in Australia?

In Australia, the cost of event insurance can vary considerably, depending on the type of event and the number of attendees.

For example, a small indoor festival with a capacity of 3,000 would be more expensive than a small bar for 500 people. A significant outdoor event with over 6,000 attendees will be much more expensive than a small dinner party of 40. For events lasting two to ten days, event planners pay a median premium of $250, and for events lasting more than ten days, the median premium is $257.

Other Insurance Policies Event Organisers Might Consider

The most common type of insurance for event planners is public liability and employer's liability, but many others are important to consider as well.

Policies that might be helpful to include:

1. Liquor Liability insurance

If you're hosting a licensed event and providing alcohol to your guests, this policy reimburses you for any accidents that might happen due to over-consumption.

2. Property insurance

This type of insurance covers losses that occur to your event space or equipment. It can include damages, loss, theft or vandalism.

3. Kidnap and ransom insurance

It's a great idea to prevent crime from happening in the first place. Kidnap and ransom insurance are policies that reimburse you for the financial costs if someone is kidnapped and held for ransom.

4. Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance covers the cost of cyberattacks, including the cost of responding to security incidents. It also pays for damages to the business if cyber attacks result in the theft of money, downtime or data breach.

5. Cancellation and postponement insurance

It might be the last thing you want to think about, but you have to have a plan if something goes wrong. Cancellation and postponement insurance covers you if your event has to be cancelled or postponed due to a covered event cancellation cause, such as terrorism or a natural disaster.


Event insurance is a must-have for any event planner. It's there to ensure that you can carry on running your business and keep your customers happy, regardless of what happens.

If you are looking for a reliable place to get event insurance, we're here to help you. New Wave Insurance is a company located in Gold Coast, AU. Our goal is to help you find the right insurance for your assets, business, vehicles, events, and more. Make sure to protect yourself with the right insurance. Book a free consultation online to get started today!

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