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6 Common Reasons That a Hair Salon May Face a Lawsuit

When someone goes to the hair salon, they expect a relaxing experience with a satisfactory result. However, in some cases, a trip to the hair salon can turn out to be a disaster. If the impact is bad enough, the customer may even wonder whether they should file a lawsuit against the hair salon.

It sounds hilarious, but suing a hair salon for unsatisfactory work is real. However, it's usually a challenging case to prove. To successfully bring a lawsuit against a hair salon, the customer must show that it was negligent in its work. Unfortunately, correcting the problems is never a guarantee. Going back to the hair salon to fix the issues can sometimes fix the problem and sometimes just worsen the situation.

This article lists the possible reasons a hair salon can face a lawsuit from a customer, so read on below to get started.

#1 - Skin Cuts

If a hairstylist is careless with their tools, the customer can end up with a cut. Such a cut may range from a tiny scratch to a deep gash, but it can easily be a reason for a lawsuit if it's deep enough or sustained after an accident.

#2 - Injuries

While there's a low chance of getting an injury in a place like a hair salon, it can happen, particularly to the scalp. Hair salons use various chemicals to treat the hair, and if left on too long, a customer's scalp can be injured. It's grounds for a lawsuit because it's not supposed to happen.

#3 Burned or Damaged Hair

Hair cuts and treatments aren't always a guaranteed success, and sometimes, a customer may end up with burned or damaged hair as a result. If a hair salon's negligence has caused damage to the hair, a customer may sue the salon for damages.

#4 - Premature Hair Loss

Hair loss can be very problematic, especially if it happens to someone not accustomed to it. Sometimes, hair salons can be improperly sanitary by using contaminated combs, brushes and other tools. If a person is losing their hair due to an infection, they can file a lawsuit against the salon.

#5 - ​Emotional Distress

In some cases, a person may be emotionally distressed after getting a haircut. This is often due to the person's hairstyle being ruined or completely changed in a bad way. If the person feels emotionally distressed, they can seek emotional distress damages, collected using a lawsuit against the hair salon.

It is possible to sue a hair salon for unsatisfactory work, but it can be difficult. When filing a lawsuit, it is vital to show that the hair salon was negligent in its work. In most cases, this happens when the hairstylist was untrained, did not follow proper procedures, or had a bad attitude. If the customer can prove that the hair salon was negligent, they can get compensation for damages using a lawsuit against the salon.

#6 - Stolen Items

Having valuables or personal items stolen is not something that is only limited to hotels or homes. Thefts can happen in the workplace, large companies, and even smaller businesses, including hair salons. If a customer has their items stolen in a hair salon, they may file a lawsuit against the salon.


The next time you visit a hair salon, know what you're getting yourself into. Having the right expectations and doing your research is essential to ensure that you won't be disappointed. If you find yourself unsatisfied with how the hair salon handled your hair, you may want to seek legal advice to see if you can file a lawsuit against them.

Salon insurance can help you safeguard your business in the event of a sudden lawsuit. Luckily, New Wave Insurance is happy to provide it if you’re looking for salon insurance in Gold Coast! When you think about it, running a salon is a high-risk business because you never know when you’re getting a lawsuit, which is why we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more!

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