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Finding the Right Coverage for Your Business Part 2

In our previous article, we talked about the two factors required to make an informed decision. Today, we will continue discussing the other elements you need to know before purchasing business insurance. Knowing all of these will help you make an enlightened decision. Thus, you can invest in coverage that meets your needs.

The right insurance protects your business against losses that can stop it in its tracks and ruin your financial viability. Your company’s physical assets and its operation are both financial investments.

Remember that financial stability means more than just having a healthy balance sheet. It means that you have protection against financial threats. The worth of your business depends on its financial stability.

Factors Affecting Your Premium

There are several variables in the business insurance quote process, not the least of which is your company’s risk and size. The products or services you provide, your location and assets, even your claims history and years of experience could all impact the premium you pay for coverage.

Many things influence how much you pay for insurance, and you may not control some of them. However, you can take some steps to keep your premiums down. One of which is not to allow your insurance to lapse. Any breaks in coverage could cause your premiums to rise.

Secure your property by installing alarm systems and security cameras. Also, remove any valuables and keep all windows and doors locked. Doing so will lower your business insurance.

You should take steps to guarantee that all employees are adequately trained and understand how to help reduce your risk. Avoid hiring employees with a poor driving record to operate your business vehicles; they will be more likely to cause accidents, which will raise driving costs.

Your premium will also depend on the amount of coverage you purchase. In other words, the cost of business insurance will increase if you buy a policy with higher limits and more included services. By understanding the risks associated with your business, you are in a better position to purchase coverage to protect yourself against them.


Let us talk about deductibles, which is the amount you will be responsible for paying yourself before your insurance takes over - the higher your deductible, the cheaper your fees. However, it would be best if you were sure your business could cover the costs of a high deductible if you ever file a claim.

You can use a higher deductible if you have enough money set aside. If you do not have enough saved up, you should use a lower deductible. Your deductible should be high enough to cover your basic expenses but not so high that it becomes a burden on your business.

Overestimate Your Insurance Needs

If you do not purchase enough business insurance and suffer a significant lawsuit, you could lose money. Even if the case is dismissed, it can still cost your business thousands of dollars in legal fees. Also, some customers may question your sincerity and integrity if they are not confident that you are insured.


Business insurance can be confusing, especially for someone who does not have any experience with it. Insurance agents can help anyone who needs advice on purchasing the best product or anyone who needs to learn the terms and coverage to understand what they are buying.

In this case, you should reach out to New Wave Insurance. We will guide you through every step as you invest in business insurance. Call us now to get started.

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