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Top Tips to Safeguard Your Home Against Unforeseen Events

Our home is our sanctuary. It is also where we make a lifetime of memories, so it is natural that we protect the physical structure. We may also want to preserve the assets we have accumulated throughout our lifetime.

We can never predict the future, but we can prepare for them. Doing this will lessen the impact of such calamity. As we start a new year, it may be an excellent time to get home and contents insurance. Having one will not only protect the physical asset, but it will also protect our finances.

You may already have home and contents insurance. But here are some practical ways to safeguard your family and your things. Here they are:

Your Family’s Safety

It would be best if you sit down as a family and discuss contingency plans. Although no one wants to talk about disasters, we still need to prepare for them. Doing this will also ensure that everyone knows what to do, especially since there is no assurance that you can be together during the calamity.

Yes, you have the home and contents insurance to take care of your finances. But you also need to ensure your family’s safety. With this said, you might want to discuss the prevalent types of disasters in your area. After which, you can discuss what you and your family can do in each case.

For example, you live in an area prone to bushfires or storms. You can create an emergency action plan for the safety of your family, and (of course) your pets. You might also include a contingency plan where you will identify a spot where your loved ones will meet in case you get separated.

You also need to check your emergency kit and make sure that it is fully stocked. You must ensure that it is located in an accessible area. Lastly, you must check if all family members have emergency phone numbers stored in their mobile phones.

Protection for Your Assets

Considering that you cannot control the weather, you can control your home’s condition. Ensuring that it is in top shape will lessen the impact of the weather. It will also guarantee that your safety measures are in excellent condition. Here are a few things that you need to be on the lookout for:

  1. Testing smoke detectors, alarms and fire extinguishers

  2. Cutting back trees and shrubs

  3. Cleaning up leaves and twigs around the property

  4. Proper storage of flammable items

  5. Cleaning gutters and downpipes

  6. Checking your hoses to make sure that they are long enough to reach around your house

  7. Inspecting your roof for missing loose or damaged tiles

  8. Checking the condition of the external walls and sealing any gaps

It may be tempting to do the repair job yourself. Hiring an expert to fix any problems would ensure that if the need arises, you will not have any problem with your home and contents insurance.


In the past, people did not want to talk about calamities. It was taboo, but the worsening of climate change compels us to prepare for the inevitable natural disasters that might affect us.

To ensure that you are financially ready for such calamities, get your home and contents insurance from New Wave Insurance. Call us now for an assessment, so that you will be ready for the next disaster.

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