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It’s Important to Be Vigilant against Farm Security Threats

Security threats are part of farming, like trespassers and bad weather. Internet-connected and precision farming equipment — including smartphones and tablets used for field management — can be hacked, too. The risk of cybercrime will be considerably higher as well. There's quite a lot to consider when it comes to farm security.

Farm Security

It's becoming more and more crucial for farmers to pay attention when it comes to security. Even in low-risk situations, it's necessary to also take vulnerability to certain criminal acts into account. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Arson, poisoning of your well, or the deliberate opening of a valve on a chemical tank

  • Criminal mischief involving unsecured equipment and machinery

  • Destruction of bioengineered plants

  • Destruction of confined animals, property, or products

  • General vandalism

  • Intentional introduction or release of a contagious animal or plant disease

  • Theft of anhydrous ammonia for methamphetamine production

  • Theft of farm equipment or chemicals

Multiple threats exist for all farmers, including human and animal threats, vandalism, and natural disasters. You need to remember that if something happens on your property, tampering with potential evidence is a very bad idea. This includes dead animals, plants and footprints. After you place a report, ask what the best thing to do is as you wait for responders.

Be Extra Vigilant Against Major Security Threats

Beware of the Mischief-Maker

Mischief and vandalism are certainly not the same thing, but there's a very fine line. Farmers have had their property, animals or crops damaged for no good reason. There are plenty of events that can lead to a whole lot of damage. The most-affected elements are usually:

  • Buildings

  • Equipment

  • Fences

  • Gates

  • Livestock

  • Mailboxes

  • No-trespassing signs

Deterring vandals and mischief-makers alike can be done through:

  • Careful placement of equipment left in fields

  • Limited access

  • Neighborhood watches

  • No-trespassing signs

  • Strategic lighting

  • Stepped up patrols

Beware of the Disgruntled Employee

An ex-employee can be a serious threat to your security measures at the farm. He knows the layout of the farm and where the security is strong and weak. Current employees may let him in, not realizing that he's holding a grudge. He might also have keys to the farm!

Beware of Theft

Keeping an inventory of your entire farm will help you protect it better. You can also use security cameras to better protect the perimeter of your farm or ranch. Motion-sensored lighting is also a good deterrent for trespassers and theft. If they can’t get in without being seen, then they probably won’t bother.

Beware of Trespassing

Joggers, mushroom hunters, dog walkers … these are all trespassers. They may unintentionally damage crops or break fences when walking across your farm. One way to discourage these trespassers from using your farm as a shortcut is to post “No Trespassing” signs. Another good way to discourage trespassers is to repair or replace broken fences and gates, so that trespassers will know this is private territory.


Farm security threats are intense and it's vital to beef them up all the time. Criminal acts can come in the form of theft, general vandalism and destruction. Beware of the mischief-maker, the disgruntled employee and trespassing.

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