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Ways You Can Promote Your Event and Make It Stand Out

Whether you've planned a small business event or a large-scale festival, you know how complex event planning can be. Many factors are beyond your control, including the weather, ticket sales, and even the behaviour of your guests. This is what events insurance is for.

However, something you can control is promoting your event and inviting people to come. It may be challenging to identify the ideal strategy to publicise an event and make it stand out among the cacophony of other events that are also being advertised. Here are some novel approaches to promoting your event.

What Makes Your Event Stand Out?

Determine what will set your event apart and make use of it. Consider it identifying the unique selling feature of your event. The topic matter, a speaker, accessibility, or entertainment might all be factors.

As an example, while promoting a festival, you may highlight a specific musician or performer who would be appearing.

Don't Forget the Conventional Methods

Traditional advertising strategies should not be neglected entirely, as they may be utilised in a way that makes them more memorable.

Press releases, speaker comments, invites, posters, and badges should all be consistent with your event theme to provide attendees with the best experience possible.

As tempting as it may be to bombard customers with promotional messages across various platforms, offering knowledge and establishing trust is a proven strategy to gain buy-in.

Create a Targeted Mailing List

Use a mailing list to contact prior participants and send them an invitation to the event. However, rather than getting hundreds or thousands of people in your database, segmenting your database will allow you to focus your emails on smaller groups with particular essential events.

Promote on Social Media

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram may help you reach a specific audience with your message. There are several ways to use social media to promote an event.

Use the most appropriate channel for your audience and encourage attendees to participate. If you can start engaging people before the event, you can generate interest and enthusiasm, which will help you advertise your event and make it a success.

Use Material from Previous Events

If you're planning an annual event, you should have enough promotional material in photos, videos, and testimonials from prior participants.

You might develop a media reel with photographs and video that has a lot of visual impact and is perfect for websites and social media. You might solicit testimonials from former participants to provide insight into what your event will have to offer.

If this is a brand-new event, you may still make a media reel using photographs from the event, quotations from presenters, and attendees that share your enthusiasm!

Build Excitement with Teasers

A teaser campaign is a terrific approach to building anticipation and advertising your event. You may add a hint about an upcoming performance, a statement from a speaker, or a recommendation about a topic or activity that will be covered during the event.

Generate Mystery through Exclusivity

We all like the idea of particular material or access. Therefore, you could set up VIP zones during the event and sell a package to guests who wish to use them.

A limited quantity of tickets available for a giveaway is another technique to create a sense of exclusivity. This can also advertise your event by generating publicity in the local newspaper or radio.


With today's busy lives, it's challenging to spread the word out about your event and persuade people to participate. We have listed down several strategies which will make your event stand out and make it much easier to promote. However, your work doesn't end after the people come to your event. There are still things that are out of your control.

You can protect yourself if things don't go as planned with the right events insurance coverage. This will allow you to execute your event with confidence.

Are you looking for events insurance on the Gold Coast? New Wave Insurance will help you find the right insurance for your assets, business, events, and vehicles. Book your 15-minute consultation today!

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